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Pro Asyl
Pro Asyl supports refugees seeking asylum, and works to improve their situation. The organization offers assistance in court proceedings, advice and financial support.

It organizes events, meetings, symposia and conferences aimed at broadening tolerance in German society. Each year it launches Refugee Day. Working with parishes, charitable organizations, labor unions and regional administrations, it arranges many events to bring refugee issues to light.

Many press articles, brochures, fliers and - most importantly - workshops organized by Pro Asyl provide solid information aimed at counteracting racist tendencies in German society. There is a possibility to order free brochures, posters and Pro Asyl postcards.

The website also contains helpful links to related organizations.
Language version: German, English (part), French (part)
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Contact: Pro Asyl
Postfach 160 624
60069 Frankfurt/M.
Tel.: (+49) 069 23 06 88
Fax: (+49) 069 23 06 50