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Europäisches Bürgerforum (European Civic Forum)
The Europäisches Bürgerforum (EBF) was created to meet the need to arouse interest among citizens of Western Europe about the fundamental changes taking place in Eastern Europe. Renewal of direct contact between the people of Eastern and Western Europe is viewed as the best road to mutual understanding. EBF combats certain threats of neoliberalism, works for inclusion of all citizens in deciding their common political and social future, and organizes collaborative efforts such as exchange programs, training, development of tourism, and cultural exchange. The website undertakes issues such as asylum policy, East-West cooperation, and intercultural communication. The Forum issues the monthly Archipel, publishes poetry, and prepares the radio program "Europa von Unten" (Europe from the basics). Abridged versions of the 60-minute programs are available online in the Forum's archives.

Language version: French (part), German
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Downloadable educational materials: monthly Archipel
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Europäisches Bürgerforum (EBF)
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Forum Civique Européen (FCE)
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