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Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding
The Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding stands against violence in the name of religion, and promotes interreligious understanding. It organizes programs to improve the daily coexistence of groups and individuals of different religions. It acts against verbal and physical violence in the name of religion. The Center promotes human rights, challenges the theological foundations of prejudice, and works to build mutual respect and dialogue between religions.

The Tanenbaum Center website has four main parts:
1. Primary education programs - brief introduction to education in a spirit of tolerance and understanding.
2. Religious diversity in the workplace - analyses and practical advice on managing and working with a religiously diverse staff.
3. Religion and conflict resolution - brief information about current training and research on the influence of religion on interpersonal relations.
4. Special programs - information about meetings, seminars and conferences for teachers, theologians and activists.

Language version: English
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Downloadable educational materials: 1. Sample toolkit, Religion in the Workplace
2. The Golden Rule, Peacemaking, Respect - examples of moral principles common to world religions
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