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International Organization for Migration
The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is dedicated to migration issues in the broadest context. It undertakes many initiatives to help migrants and refugees all over the world. IOM is one of the largest and most versatile organizations dealing with migration issues.

The International Organization for Migration, established in 1951, is an international body dealing with exiles, migrants and refugees. IOM cooperates with many countries and international organizations, especially the UN. IOM offices act on behalf of migrants and refugees on every continent, assisting governments and communities through immediate aid in cases of sudden migrations, training programs for migrants, assistance in their adjustment to new places of residence, medical and public health programs for migrants, and psychological assistance. IOM also combats human trafficking.

The IOM website includes information and the latest news about migration, IOM program descriptions, documents and statistical data. Also available is a calendar of conferences and other events, a wealth of press material, photographs and other publications.
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