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Joan B. Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies
The research of the Kroc Institute focuses on the religious and ethnic dimensions of conflicts and peacebuilding. Researchers study ethics and the role of international institutions and norms in the peaceful coexistence of communities, as well as the influence of economic and political sanctions on peace maintenance. The Institute also conducts research on peacebuilding in relation to religion, ethnicity, and legal solutions. It deals with the dynamics of conflicts, and methods of transforming and eliminating them. The Institute trains people who work on conflict resolution, organizes fellowships, scholarships and workshops, and cooperates with many nongovernmental and religious organizations. The mission of the Kroc Institute, like that of the Catholic University of Notre Dame under which it operates, is to support interfaith dialogue and cooperation between religious and secular traditions.

The website contains Kroc Institute publications and materials related to current research and projects.
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