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Nationalism Project
The Nationalism Project is one of the best online resources for the study of nationalism. Eric Zuelow, a researcher at the American University of Wisconsin, Madison, is the founder of the site, which is edited by an international group of experts including Roger Brubaker.

The website is sensibly organized, divided into eight sections. "What is Nationalism?" is an introduction to the study of nationalism, containing quotations from leading literature in this area. The next section is a collection of articles, essays and book chapters. The third is the "Bibliography of Journal Articles" about nationalism, from such sources as the American Historical Review and the European History Quarterly. The fourth section is a bibliography, with summaries, of books on nationalism. The fifth includes links to various organizations, publications and research centers. The sixth is a bibliography of the most recent publications, articles and books, updated continuously. It is followed by a section on upcoming "Conferences/Calls for Papers." The last is "Contributors" listing the people who collaborate on the Nationalism Project.
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