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Interreligious Relations and Dialogue. The World Council of Churches (WCC)
Interreligious Relations and Dialogue (IRD) is part of the World Council of Churches (WCC). Its goal is to promote interfaith contact, especially between Christianity and other world religions. Dialogue should lead to the building of mutual trust, the discovery of common challenges, and the prevention of divisions. Special attention is paid to interpreting recent trends in religious movements, analyzing the influence of religion on political and intellectual life, and attempting to define the relations between faiths. The organization also deals with questions related to tribal religions, traditional spirituality and new religious movements.

The website contains many research materials, reports on the coexistence of religions, references to web pages of organizations dealing with interreligious dialogue and conflict resolution, and web pages describing the belief systems of particular faiths.

Currently, IRD is focusing on reflections on the secularization of religion, its role in public life, relations between Christianity, Islam and Judaism in the context of the situation in Jerusalem, Hindu-Christian dialogue, and the organization of a Muslim-Christian human rights forum.

The results of the organization's activities are published twice a year in the English-language journal Current Dialogue (available online). WCC has published a study guide, My Neighbour's Faith and Mine. Theological discoveries through interfaith dialogue, also available at the website.

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