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Conciliation Resources (CR)
Conciliation Resources (CR) works to help people residing in regions affected by military activity or subject to the threat of armed conflict. Its mission is realized through projects aimed at terminating conflict in particular countries or regions, and other activities. For example, as part of the Uganda program, CR supports initiatives to end civil war there. Another program, Accord, distributes publications about peace initiatives. Currently, CR has seven main programs: Accord, Angola, Caucasus, Fiji, Media & Conflict in Africa, Uganda, and West Africa. As part of these projects, CR helps local organizations resolve economic and social issues resulting from armed conflict, attempts to activate marginalized and socially excluded groups, assists experts engaged in analyzing tensions, and promotes dialogue as a peacebuilding strategy.

The CR website includes descriptions of CR projects, annual reports on its activities, notes on specific conflicts, and links to cooperating organizations and others dealing with related issues.
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